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Webinars today require innovative tools and out-of-the-box ideas to fully unlock their potential. With SmartLink, you have a partner that understands today’s event industry and is equipped with the skill sets and know-how to deliver measurable results.

A Modern Approach to Webinar Growth

Whether you are a business or an association, established or just starting out, webinars remain a powerful gateway for your audience to experience your brand. It just takes a different approach today than it did ten years ago.

Planned strategically, webinars can achieve the highest lead conversion rates – whether it’s your target audience signing up for a trial, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading a digital asset – compared to other marketing strategies used by businesses today.


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Challenges We Understand

A traditional webinar format cannot thrive in today’s modern digital ecosystem. To succeed, your webinars must evolve by leveraging new technologies and approaches. But we understand this is not always easy to do because of the challenges that get in your way.

Difficulty in technical setup leads to time-consuming planning process that negatively impacts webinar frequency and your team’s confidence to put up a great event.

The mystery behind poor registration, attendance, and engagement casts a shadow of discouragement on investing further into your webinars.

Proving the ROI of your webinars and justifying your investment can feel like navigating through a fog where surface-level metrics obscure the path to actionable insights.

Repurposing your webinar’s content into bite-size marketing pieces is not only resource-intensive but also feels like casting a wide net in the hope of snagging some engagement.

Are These Hurdles Familiar To You?

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What We Could Do For You

We’re here to provide solutions for your challenges and find opportunities within them.

– 1 –

Seamless technical integration with any platform allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

– 2 –

Elevate your content to create a standout event that piques audience interest and brings focus to your brand.

– 3 –

Harness the power of interactivity in your webinars with ease, turning passive attendees into active participants.

– 4 –

Track and capture your ROI using in-depth data metrics that provide actionable insights and measurable results.

– 5 –

Host webinars that are truly inclusive by providing accessible content to all audiences, anytime and anywhere.

– 6 –

Engage in webinar partnerships that expand reach, deepen content quality and achieve mutual value creation.

– 7 –

Repurpose your webinars into high quality and hyper personalized shareable content to bolster your marketing.

– 8 –

Get more out of your budget by exploring cost-saving and revenue opportunities you never thought possible.

Make these opportunities a reality for your next webinar.

Growth Starts Here

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Read what our clients have to say.

“[They’ve] helped ensure our conference was a technical success.”

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and really your organizational prowess. You have professionally executed the lights and action of this conference [and] worked tirelessly behind the scenes in terms of the video production of our presenters. You’ve helped ensure that our conference was a technical success.”

Nicky Lewis


“They take the guess work out of producing events.”

“Their team is always professional, patient, and well-organized. They take the guess work out of producing events. They will even spend extra time with presenters who are not very tech-savvy to make sure they feel comfortable with the platform before the event. I highly recommend SmartLink Productions!”

Fakhri Shafai

CSO, AIDE Canada

“I felt confident as a presenter with SmartLink’s support.”

“I was a speaker for 3 online autism events in early 2023. [They were] calm, cool and patient on technical run throughs as well as on the presentation days. I felt confident as a presenter with SmartLink’s support and was able to focus completely on my speaking and content delivery.”

Maureen Bennie

Director, Autism Awareness

Learn More About the Work We’ve Done

Below, you’ll find a curated selection showcasing some of our most impactful work, demonstrating how we’ve partnered with clients to transform their webinar experiences.

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There’s a reason you don’t use one of these or perhaps haven’t seen one ever! Because there are simply better tools now that allow you to do more and achieve more. The same goes for your webinars.

So, why continue using the same approach that worked a decade ago if you need better results that meet your business needs today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your webinar services applicable to other types of events?

Yes, they are, although this specific service is the best fit for frequent recurring events such as marketing webinars, education and training webinars, product launches, workshops, fireside chats, community events, and more. If you are hosting larger events such as conferences and conventions, please check our conference and large event services page for more information.

What makes your webinar services different from others?

Our services stand out because we combine strategic event marketing expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver not just a webinar, but a comprehensive engagement experience. Unlike others, we focus on maximizing ROI through innovative cost optimization and revenue-generating strategies. Our approach is tailored to each client, ensuring that every webinar is not only an event but a milestone in your brand’s journey.

Setting up a webinar with us is a seamless, collaborative process:

  1. Consultation: We start with a detailed discussion to understand your goals, audience, and desired outcomes.
  2. Strategy Development: Based on the initial consultation, we craft a customized plan that includes theme selection, content creation, and marketing strategy.
  3. Technical Setup: Our team handles all technical arrangements, from platform selection to rehearsal runs, ensuring a smooth, glitch-free experience.
  4. Execution: We manage the live event, providing real-time technical support and engagement facilitation.
  5. Follow-Up: Post-event, we offer analytics and insights for measuring success and suggestions for future improvements.
What technical support do you offer for hosting webinars?

We provide comprehensive technical support that covers platform setup, audio and video checks, real-time troubleshooting during the event, and training sessions for your team on how to use webinar tools effectively. Our goal is to ensure a smooth, high-quality experience for both presenters and attendees, free from technical distractions.

What are the costs associated with your webinar services?

Our pricing is as customized as our services, varying based on the scope and complexity of your webinar. We offer transparent quotes following our initial consultation, ensuring you understand the value behind each element of our service. From full-service packages to specific support options, we work with you to find a pricing model that fits your budget and meets your webinar goals.

How can SmartLink help in repurposing webinar content for post-event marketing?

We specialize in extending the lifecycle of your webinar content. This includes editing the webinar into shorter video segments for social media and providing direct support in your marketing campaigns to engage your audience. Our strategies are designed to maximize your content’s reach and impact, turning a single event into a multifaceted marketing asset.

How do your clients leverage your webinar services? Can you give some types of use cases?

Our clients leverage our webinar service to host a variety of online or hybrid events or gatherings. Some of the more common use cases include:

  • Product feature announcements
  • Thought leadership panel discussions
  • Community events
  • Workshops and trainings for prospects or customers
  • Virtual conferences
  • AMA’s with industry experts
  • Product demos

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